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New collections, January 2017

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SCENTED CANDLES & textile CANDLE COVERS in four designs (leather, knit, loden and faux fur) which can be exchanged.

MOUNTAIN DELUXE - WELCOME HOME: with traditional patterns, in natural materials and with a wide range of alpine designs.

LOUNGE: natural colours, delicately drawn lines, vintage look and sophisticated woven effects, between the traditional and the modern.

POTPOURRI showcases print motifs, colour combinations, dégradés, special colouring methods and intricate weaves.

BONNIE & CLYDE, GIOIA: casual knitted blankets and cushions and a fringed plaid with a Paisley pattern.

Die BASICS: SWAY produces a clear faux linen using an irregular yarn. SPLASH has a high linen content and is embroidered with a modern crystal motif.

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