How we see ourselves

Company portrait

As an Austrian textiles specialist, based in the Tyrolean mountains, we are at an intersection of cultures. This is where tradition and modern times meet and they create a climate of creativity, a climate between preservation and development.

On the one hand, we are naturally characterized by living in the countryside. Our core skills are the design of our country house collections in various manifestations - from traditional to international.

On the other hand, our enthusiasm for trends and the short distances to other countries lead to the generation of design-oriented collections to create a contemporary atmosphere.

How our customers describe us

fine works with customers in many countries in Europe and overseas. High customer and service orientation, first-class marketing documentation and professional sales processing are of the utmost importance to us. Apart from fabrics that inspire, we seek to establish and nurture long-lasting and mutually successful customer relationships.


With the collections from our fine living line, we show what we can do for private living. The use of natural materials and a well designed and intelligently structured selection of upholstery and decoration fabrics in perfectly matching colours are the key features of the fine living range. fine is regarded as the Tyrolean specialist für cosy fabrics in a modern country style.


fine contract incorporates collections for project furnishing. Due to our reliable and fire-resistant fabrics, we have gained a strong position in the contract market - especially in the hospitality sector. The respective qualities of course fulfill all conventional standards and norms and are made to incorporate top wear and care qualities. At the same time these fabrics a well suited for use in the private living sector, simply because they are easy to care for and beautiful at the same time.

A little history

The Fine Textilverlag company was founded in 1999 as IT Textilhandels GmbH.

Right from the start, it was all about the development and sale of high-quality furnishing and decoration fabrics; initially as a wholesaler and soon as a fabric house.

With Country, the first collection of its own, fine demonstrated what would be its signature and characteristic feature in future: Fabrics in a high standard country house style, summarised in theme books with a guarantee for taste and charmingly matched designs and levels of colour.

Whilst the collections were initially marketed under the name of "Intertex", the decision was made in 2002 to introduce an international approach and establish fine as a brand name.

At the same time, the product portfolio was extended: Modern, urban collections are intended to fulfil the requirements of international taste.

One milestone in the company history was the decision to focus upon flame resistant qualities ("Trevira CS"). Following this path was not just a successful entry into the contract market; the excellent functional characteristics of such qualities also found great appeal in the private customer market.
Since January 2010, the company has recently seen a turning point: With the launch of the fine living range, fine is venturing into collections in natural materials, primarily aimed at the selective private customer.

Where we live and work

Based upon Austria and the Southern Tyrol, we have gradually extended our activities to embrace the neighbouring countries of Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Participation at international fairs brings new sales partners and consequently new market opportunities - essentially in Western Europe but also in Asia and the Arab countries.

It was of key importance to decide upon handling the German market directly and today, Germany is the most important export market.

In order to meet the growth strategy successfully, the spatial requirements also had to be generated. We invested in our own company building with a showroom and high-level warehouse with sufficient capacity for optimal logistical processing and smooth service. Since 2008, we have been working from our own company building at Mils near Hall in Tirol .