January 2021: Company News

The current situation at fine

New year - new luck! We love hoping that the situation we are currently trying to cope with will calm down and that we will be able to work just the way we like it very soon.

How fine is currently working - an update:

The entire fine team is still in good health. Winter has moved in with us, some days in our country are of heartbreaking beauty.

We are really happy to sense a positive mood in our business. These days we present our new collections. It’s always exciting to see how you like the new designs. Do take a look and let us know if you want!

Our delivery capacity is good at the moment. Extended production and transport times are possible as we work with partners in countries where logistics can be limited.

You can reach the fine team as usual at info@fine.at or +43 (0) 5223 55955-0. And: You are welcome to visit us. Please make an appointment.

We are holding up our positive attitude, and we hope that you too have reason to be confident about the future.