Bad Birnbach, Germany


The Churfürstenhof is located at the heart of the countryside in the village of Bad Birnbach – a hotel which prioritises tradition and comfort. Despite this, a great deal of value is placed on introducing a breath of fresh air at the hotel and therefore the suites and Baroness room were renovated at the end of 2013. The contemporary interpretation of the traditional designs in the collections of fine and Trevira CS quality items fit in perfectly with the concept of this well-being hotel.

Customer: Building owner Ms Baumgartner, Hotel Churfürstenhof
Construction period: November / December 2013
Architect: Rudolf Bachhuber, Pocking/ private building owner

fine collections:
- Charme (Marly 059, Orsay 059, Rivoli 059, Vendome 049)
- La Rose (Cuore 059)
- Casa Mia (Sophia 039, Lorella 039 ...)
- Dolce Vita (Scala 059, Portofino 059, Rossini 049)

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