Fine wins TCS-Award

Pavillon - the name of the fabric with which the Tyrolean textile manufacturer fine has won an award in the Trevira CS Club’s Fabric Creativity Competition No. 6.

In parallel with the successful launch of the new fabric collections in January 2018 at the exclusive Paris Déco Off and the CASA in Salzburg, a fabric from the fine BELLEVUE collection has won an award from the Trevira CS Club’s panel of experts.

Part of the jury’s explanation: "The interplay of fine and coarse textures and the mélange effects, in both the chenille emblem and in the linen-like surface, make the fabric appear alive despite its grey tonality. The double fabric is very soft and attractive from both sides. The contrasting, contemporary interpretation of the traditional pattern makes lots of applications possible ... "

Pavillon is in this respect representative of the TCS BELLEVUE collection, with its focus on classic designs and fabrics with a hand-crafted look. The fabrics feel natural, are often soft and warm, sometimes in vintage style, and appeal both to the hand and the eye.