Casual & relaxed

FRIDA likes the forest: that special play of light, colours, patterns and textures. FRIDA shows: fabrics inspired by nature, moss cushions and tree barks. Fabrics just as wonderful as they are suitable for everyday use.
The theme of velours is a leitmotif running through the collection: softly padded quilting, with a generous floral print and as Jacquard with large ornamentation or small diamonds.
Providing a perfect match in terms of feel: Chenille as the supporting actor. There are plains, with patterns in vivid colours, a fuzzy check and irregular chevron design.
They are all realized in colours of the forest: aqua with nature, ochre with blue, mauve with nature and green, jade with nature and taupe, moss green with stone grey and nature.
What makes them not only beautiful but also so good: a large proportion of the fabrics have excellent abrasion cycles and some are washable.