La Fleur

Lost time rediscovered

The smell of Bundt cake and cherry compote..., lost time rediscovered and retold.
LA FLEUR is creating a past world in the here and now: with floral patterns and carefully composed colour moods. Subtle, timeless, exquisite.
LA FLEUR sets great store by a well-groomed appearance. High-quality FR yarns, partly made from Trevira CS, make the fabrics flame-retardant and easy to care for, and therefore suitable for the hospitality sector, too. Beautiful: they still feel very natural.

Flowers, tendrils, floral ornamentation, big, small and stylised, with simple checks, gingham and subtle structures: LA FLEUR is poetry for the 21st century

The delicate vintage colours do their bit: red with fuchsia, bottle green with taupe, jade with off-white, blue with stone grey, carmine red with taupe, and always surrounded by a natural hue.

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