Puristic & cosy

Mountain view with style! When traditional mountain life blends with the style of big city Italian design, puristic rooms become cosy.
Translated into fabrics this means: patterns, structures, unusual feel, always a fine balance between rustic and cool.
A striped fabric, made of yarns of different thicknesses and colours is reminiscent of times when weavers still moved from village to village. The urban antithesis: a classic window pane check with a linen look and the retro zig-zag design in Jacquard velour.
Ornamentation comes from rural stencil painting and from the Italian Nobilità, different textured yarns create patterns and surfaces.
Natural materials and best use properties (high non-fade properties and excellent abrasion cycles) characterise most of the MIRAMONTE qualities. Two of them have a stain protection finish.
Noble and again very all'italiana: the stylishly chosen colour themes.