You’re never far from snow in the mountains. Just as it fades to a distant memory, the winds whisper reassuringly: it’s coming back, it was never truly gone.
The fabrics of our Mountain Deluxe collection Alpenglow tell stories of snowy summits, barren rocks and dark forests, of living rooms and chambers,
of huts and houses in the Alps.
Their motifs come straight from nature: ice crystals, snow flakes, the flowers of a mountain meadow, the outlines of a stag, scenes from the pine forests of alpine high valleys.
Alpenglow transforms these images into fine fabrics, produced with contemporary weaving techniques and made from materials that will caress your hands like a gentle breeze. Decorated with traditional cross-stitch embroidery depicting stylised blossoms and quilting motifs. Natural, weatherworn colours with muted highlights blend into a natural harmony.
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