Mountain Deluxe MY CHALET

I know that the mountains wait for me...

When next to nothing is like it always has been; when our eyes have been opened and time expands; when home is more than ever before: MOUNTAIN DELUXE MY CHALET, security, made from fabrics.
My Chalet carries the mountains in its heart: edelweiss, deer and mountain peaks, effortlessly brought into the present with technical textile expertise.

Fabric you just love to touch – depth, structure and feel created through the delicately balanced combination of yarns with differing properties. Smooth, twisted yarns, chenille and velour yarns are intricately intertwined. The stars of the collection are supplemented with plains, stripes, small patterns and a check.

The six colour themes are presented in a calm and casual vintage style – a soft, faded blue, a dark chocolate brown, a rich brass, a muted rust shade, a dark olive and a neutral taupe-beige theme.

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