Our collections in January 2023

A Mountain deluxe-year is about to begin

Living in the mountains, nature is closer and the weather is harsher than elsewhere. This shapes our collections and especially our biennial signature collection Mountain deluxe.

"ALPENGLOW" is the name of the Mountain deluxe collection 2023, which will be launched in January. - Its name refers to a weather phenomenon in the Alps: the evening glow over the mountains. The collection tells stories of snowy mountains, barren rocks and dark forestsand of life in these mountains. All by the means of fabrics.

Contemporary materials and traditional techniques such as cross stitching or a watercolour technique make cosy home fabrics. In terms of colour, the collection moves in the weather-beaten shades of rock, forest, mountain sky and snow.

Around our signature collection, we present a total of nine collections: Themed collections such as MONTANA and BOB; basics, often with a multicolour effect or with micro-patterns such as RICA, the decorative fabrics RELAIS and VIEW and the dim-out LINEA.

The two outdoor collections ARIA and VENTO are designed with a clear focus on quality, design and touch and in a way build a bridge between indoor and outdoor fabrics.

Among others, we will show our new collections at some smaller trade fairs and exhibitions in Backnang (D), Salzburg (A) and Lyon (F).