Our Collections in Spring 2022

Fabrics for any situation in life

In spring 2022, we crave something new and therefore we present: an outdoor collection and a collection particularly suitable for headboards.

The fabrics of the PARADISO OUTDOOR collection are of fantastical beauty. Jacquards paint pictures using motifs such as birds, corals, palm trees and monkeys. The fabrics boast all the properties everyday outdoor fabrics need.

BELLEZZA brings joie de vivre into everyday life with watercolours on linen decorative fabrics and velvets with enchanting floral and geometric patterns, complemented by multi-colored plains made from structured yarns.

The MAXI collection makes its grand début on headboards and wall panels with oversized floral or geometric quilting. And the MINI collection features similar but smaller quilting. Both are available in shimmering velour or a linen blend.

EASILY is a decorative fabric in a linen/polyester blend and dresses windows with a soft drape. It is floor to ceiling and available in many natural shades.

JUNA is a decorative fabric with linen feel and linen look. It has a casual, flowing drape, is floor to ceiling and it comes in natural shades and muted pastel tones.

You can see them on our website, or you can make an appointment with one of our sales persons. We will also be happy tosend you a folder featuring the Paradiso and Bellezza, respectively. Just send us a brief message, please!