Our collections in spring 2024

Cozy living with fabrics from Tyrol

In winter 2024, fine is once again presenting collections in the typical fine design language. The focus is on two themed collections, flanked by a range of basic and decorative qualities.

FAIRYTALE is a collection like a storybook with a wealth of imaginative fabrics. Each has a special feature: an unusual yarn, a special weaving technique, an exciting print.
In contrast, the FR collection FUSION is characterized by understatement with its structures and textures. A floral jacquard velour and two quilted fabrics with unusual graphic designs are eye-catching.
The themed collections are complemented by the faux leather RITZY, the multi-colored bouclé SPOTTY and the chenille fabric PIQUÉ. They are all flame-retardant and suitable for use in projects.
The following decorative qualities round off our themed collections: GAUZY - a different kind of flame-retardant bouclè fabric; LACEY - intricate knitted work in an ajour pattern; BERGLIEBE and POLKA - plain, smooth decorative fabrics with wide borders and decorative stitch; FAVO - imaginative jacquard in a vintage look.

In terms of accessories, we continue the style of the collections with the MELLI blankets and BLOOM cushions.