Our Collections in the Autumn of 2022

A new feeling of cosiness

“Cosy home fabrics" - this is one of our guiding stars when we develop new collections. And at the same time, this is the niche where we feel at home and which we continuously explore with our expertise and imagination.

For our autumn 2022 collections this results in heavy, full-bodied fabrics as a common feature. Various yarns and weaving techniques add up to a weight of over 1000 grams in some fabrics. Yarns and weaving technique also guarantee a exceptional touch and make the qualities durable and sustainable .

The concept of the MONTCHALET themed collection is based on rural environment. Its fabrics feature scenes reflecting refined hand-craftsmanship and work with patterns and qualities reminiscent of those found in the rural abodes of the peasant nobility.

The second themed collection, LOFT, makes modern living cosy. It is based on constrasts: small patterns are paired with large ones, printed fabrics meet effect yarns.

Once again, we have paid particular attention to basic fabrics. BLANDO, BONITA, BRILL, SCANDY and TOP - they all have a special characteristic: either the feel, the look, the functionality, the weaving technique or the colour range. As such, they perfectly complement our themed collections.

As to home accessories, we present an outlook on January 2023: the new MOUNTAIN DELUXE cushions with contemporary variations of deer and edelweiss. Also, there's the new casual linen blanket GIANNA and the supernoble woven fur blanket LUXE with an extremely long pile in incredibly beautiful colours.