Paradiso Outdoor

Look inside and let yourself be carried away to a land of dreams, populated by exotic animals, in rich colours and fantastic images. A journey of the mind to new shores, far and away from everyday life.
With its outdoor fabrics, PARADISO brings this world into our gardens, to the lakes or into the spa. These are fabrics full of fantastical beauty. Pictures painted by jacquards: birds, corals, palms, monkeys. Small diamonds and cubes, a stripe, plains made from bouclés and structured yarns create the peaceful environment for them.
All PARADISO fabrics boast all the properties everyday outdoor fabrics need: Ökotex 100, highly lightfast, UV-resistant, colourfast to chlorine and salt water, fast-drying, mould-resistant, anti-allergenic, antibacterial. The few exceptions are marked on the respective items.
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