Rosenalp, Health Resort & Spa

Oberstaufen, Germany

The task: a thorough conversion of the Rosenalp Health Resort & Spa, which was to change the face of the building and much of the interior. The renovation was completed in just under four months in autumn 2020. since then, the hotel boasts its new look.

The 50ieth anniversary of the Rosenalp Health Resort was reason enough to pop the corks and give the guests a present! The Schädler & Burkhart families decided on a fundamental reorientation. Architect Armin Tittel is responsible for the concept of the extraordinary façade design.

Beyond functionality, all design elements carry a deeper meaning derived from the history and the location. For example, the wooden beams of the façade symbolise a climbing aid on which roses grow upwards in gardens. The naturalness of the materials runs through the entire house.

Sonja Schädler and Barbara Burkhart on their interior design choices:

What is the basic concept behind the choice of fabrics for the newly designed rooms?
The selected fabrics match the Rosenalp. For example, the rose is a pattern you will find throughout the house such as in the boutique, in some of the rooms, the spa etc. And it also occurs in some rooms. Even our room categories have rose names, such as Baccara or Florence. The rose pattern naturally fits in. The selected colours are warm and match wonderfully with the feel-good atmosphere and the special ambience of the Rosenalp. Some fabrics set accents, a highlight, an eye-catcher, yet they are harmoniously integrated into the room concepts.

What made the interior designers choose fabrics by fine?
We have already had good experiences with the high-quality fabrics from fine over the past few years. 90% of the fabrics in our house have been delivered by fine. We are absolutely convinced of the top quality.

How do these fabrics support the interior design concept of the rooms?
The fabrics are soft and pleasant to the touch, inviting and cosy. As a guest, you come into the room and immediately feel at home. The fabrics harmonise wonderfully with the wood and other natural materials used. For this reason, we have also used wall coverings to give the rooms a real feel-good character.

How do you feel about the chosen patterns, colours and materials?
The combinations of colours and patterns exude a natural harmony. Still, they are really special and very unique and above all modern and stylish.


Construction Period: May – September 2020
The interior designers have chosen the followin fabrics from our collection Frida: Frida 029, Diamond 020, Linda 020

  • FRIDA 29
  • DIAMOND 20
  • LINDA 20


Project management by Alpstein architects,
Realization interior design:
Images: Copyright Allgäuer Rosenalp GmbH & Co. KG
Photgrapher: Christoph Schöch,