Vila Pavlina

Kranjska Gora (SLO)

The challenge: Furnishing a sublime, newly constructed appartment building in the middle of Kranjska Gora in a contemporary version of Alpine Living.

A task architects increasingly are faced with nowadays: Preserving the old and at the same time dusting it off and creating a contemporary mood. Always without overly pandering or integrating too many trendy elements in a traditional ambience.

The Vila's interior design manages a fine balance of different style elements with the help of textiles and materials, shapes and colours.

The textiles in the Vila play light-heartedly with Alpine design references. First and foremost: the stag, which Vila Pavilina also carries in its logo. Stylized stag heads, mountain ranges, checks and small, matching patterns are translated into elaborate and seemingly handcrafted qualities.

The colours are still quite traditional, but you notice: They have been carefully chosen in a light mood of white, cream or beige, accentuated by shades of red and brown.

The wooden surfaces contrast with the fabrics and colours, yet constituting a central element of the interior design. The architect chose much traditional larch wood, smoothly sanded and naturally finished. As a result, surfaces have a contemporary look emanating a strong presence on the one hand. On the other hand, they do not aim at being the centre of attention. Additionally, there is a fine selection of furniture, lighting and design elements, all of which contribute to a beautiful and light atmosphere.


The fabrics used are from the collections Miramonte, Mountain deluxe My Chalet, Mountain Deluxe Alpine Chic and from our first Mountain deluxe-collection.


Architect: MR Arch, Marco Rodda,
Interior Design Workshop: Decor & Design, Ljubljana,
Photographer: Marco Covi,